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About Me

  Meredith Lane is a touring Alternative Rock/Folk artist based out of Nashville Tennessee. She has released two records in the last three years, one under the Meredith Lane project called Commissioned Love Songs. The album is fully original with inspirations from Cake, Amy Winehouse and Sheryl Crow. Her most recent album, Greyhound is set to release in the Summer of 2023.

   As soon as live music was happening again, Meredith Lane hit the road with her band, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. So far she has toured the Mid West, East Coast and all the West Coast. Her shows range from heartfelt folk songs, using her voice as a centerpiece, to rock out punk songs that guarantee a dancing room. 

  Songwriting is Meredith's passion, and her songs come from real experience and observation. Her albums tell a life story, one she hopes others can relate to in their own way. Every verse is created with has hard work and intention, and she looks forward to the ways it may evolve with age.

"Meredith Lane started out in the mountains of Oregon and now resides in Nashville. Her latest single is so close to being just a straightforward singer/songwriter track, but something about "Stranger" just sets it apart from most of that genre. It's a mostly mainstream song that combines the 70's AM sound of an artist like Linda Ronstadt with the 90's alt-rock sound you'd get at Lilith Fair. That being said, "Stranger" is a song from 2023, and it sounds like that. It's a timeless kind of song, but mostly because it lives within multiple times. Meredith Lane has released a very intriguing debut single."
"Meredith has a voice that has a smooth and clear presence. This makes listening to her refreshing and gives the industry a breath of fresh air."

DrCal hour of Insight (broadcast)

-If It's Too Loud

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